Embarking on the video sketch!

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Today, The Joneses shot rough draft images for our video sketch. The video will show how a family (Rachel, Dan, and three-year-old daughter Norah) uses our software, FamilyPatterns, to make dinnertime more peaceful. Chris and Andrea posed as Dan and Rachel in photos so that we could create a rough cut of the video, and test it with our classmates on Monday during Studio.

The ambient display barely made mention in our Deliverable 4 presentation. In our video sketch, we hope to develop a visualization for electronic wallpaper that will feature in the kitchen scene in our video.

This week also saw The Joneses writing an outline for the final presentation. Following Yong’s advice after the Deliverable 4 presentation, we decided to stress the story of our journey from the Territory Map days, when we planned to create a system to help  parents decrease the cognitive noise of a busy schedule, to the development of FamilyPatterns. After a quick introduction of our concept, the presentation will describe the pivots in our project that caused us to change course.

By this time next week, we plan to have our final images ready for the video sketch.