Interview with Lea Simpson

I wrote about Lea Simpson for the Service Experience Conference blog:

“No matter what business you’re in, your business is the messy, human type.” So says Lea Simpson, a self-described “tech optimist” who works with big organizations to help make sense of the future and what to do about it. She’s worked with teams who are working to electrify rural clinics in Zimbabwe and connected rural schools in Nepal to the Internet via unused frequencies in the television broadcast spectrum. She’s also worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Nike and Warner Bros.

Working at the frontiers of technology, where stakeholders and environments don’t have the social, economic, or tech infrastructure of a Silicon Valley or a Seoul, Simpson has guided diverse teams toward important goals. Last year, she sat down to codify exactly what she’d seen among successful and unsuccessful innovation teams from her two-decade career.

Read more: “The ‘No-Shit Conclusion’ to Successful Team Innovation” by Andrea Fineman

Author: Andrea F

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